Featured Videos

  • Chipotle Giveaway - DJ Kurr

    Campus DJ Champ, DJ Kurr (FSU), decided to give back his winning burritos to the homeless.

  • UCLA DJs Spin for a Cause w/ Campus DJ & Chegg

    Campus DJ Champs Bentley Montes (UCLA) and King Tutt (Icon Collective) donated their prize money to Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA.

  • Nate Howard Speaks at Cal State Long Beach

    College Battle of the Bands Alum Nate Howard (USC) speaks to the students at Cal State Long Beach during their annual LEAD Conference.

  • Flaxo Spins for a Cause and drives away in a Mini Cooper

    Campus DJ National Champion Flaxo (Columbia U) donated his prize money to 826 National and then drove away in a brand new Mini Cooper!

  • Les Paul's Big Sound Experience

    CAMPVS took Les Paul's million dollar installation around the country teaching students the history behind recording music!

  • ASU Devilaplooza!

    Les Paul's Big Sound Experience joined ASU Devilpalooza feat. Hunter Hayes, and College Battle of the Bands' Winner: Luxxe.